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19 May, 2013

Lauki ki Kheer

Lauki ki Kheer
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This comes as easy and simple it could be..I first had a taste of it..last year while sharing a room in PG in Delhi. Last week, I thought of giving it a try. My friends at work loved it. So, thought of sharing here with all of you. U will Need : 1 small bottle-gourd/Lauki,
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4 November, 2010

Lauki Ki iShtoo

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I love lauki in any form. But my roomie does not like it,almost hate it. So,I often try to make something different so that we can eat without making faces. And this time it seems, I succeeded in my attempts.Here goes my tryst with lauki. U will need: Lauki approx. 400 gm(a small one will
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