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3 May, 2017

Sabudana Papad

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When it comes to Sabudana, We biharis know precisely two ways to eat it; Sabudane ki kheer and Sabudana ke Papad. Sabudana are available in three different sizes across the country; small medium and large. Large ones are perfect for Papad. I had a neighbor aunty who had Sabudana Papad stocked through out the year. I used to look forward going to her house only to savour these. Since she always used to send over some, mummy rarely made them.  Last week, I decided to make Sabudane ki Khichdi ( http://banishedbihari.com/2010/10/sabudane-ki-khichdi.html  ) but I forgot to soak them. So, I soaked some in warm water. Unfortunately it was hot rather than warm. Hence, sabudana becomes a little messy and lumpy. I was wondering what to do with them. Mummy suggested that we should make papad. And we did.

All You Need:  250 gms of Sabudana, 2 tspn of Ajwain, Salt to taste and a Plastic Sheet or a Synthetic cloth piece.

Boil water and Sabudana for 20-25 minutes. For 250 gms of water, Use 1.25 litres of water. Add salt and ajwain. Let it boil for 25-28 minutes. The consistency should be thick not runny but not very thick also.  Once done,let the syrup cool for another 12-15 minutes. Now pour it in small batches on a synthetic cloth with a tbspoon. Let it dry under sun for 6-7 hours. Later they can be easily removed from the cloth. Transfer them into an open wicker basket or steel or plastic and again keep it under sun for 4-5 hours. Let it cool for 10-15 minutes and transfer them to a airtight container. 

Heat oil in a deep pan or kadai. Deep fry the papads. Strain the excess oil on kitchen tissues. Serve it hot with tea or coffee or with whatever you like. 

Tip of The Day : you have to pour the sabudana mix on synthetic cloth only under sun. Do not do it indoors thinking you can transfer outside later. Use your old dupatta to do this. Cloudy weather doesn’t support this. Let them dry well. Once dried perfectly, can be stored for an year or so ( if you manage to not eat them by then.. 🙂 ) Taste best when deep fried in mustard oil. You can also microwave them for a healthier version. These can be eaten during fast (Vrat / Upwaas) if you do not add salt while making.

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