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18 September, 2016


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While growing up,  I have known only one type of khichdi and it’s two versions. It was only when I crossed states, I get to know about the other kinds.  This khichdi is like a  fixed menu in bihar for most of all house-holds; on a saturday.  Some might make it for lunch while some prefer for dinner but its always a saturday menu. Today I am sharing the simple version of Bihari khichdi. The most basic difference between bihari khichdi and any other kind is that we biharis make them in an open pan / patila. Cooker is not involved. We also use a different special kind of rice and moong dal for khichdi.  Rice is nt store bought long grain basmati rice.  we call it “naya chawal”- because they are freshly out of rice mill and have wonderful fragrance.these are made from a paddy ; we locally call chaina dhaan. Every 2-3 month, my mother gets a fresh batch made. But since I stay away from home in bangalore; I ususally use them for 6 months.. the moong dal we use for khichdi, we call them”ulaya dal” again a local term. For this, we slow roast the green whole moong (green lentils). Then its grinded to half split daal. this gives it an earthly heavenly smell.Bihari Khichdi

You will Need:  A small cup of rice, Moong daal- 1.5 cups of the same cup, turmeric powder, salt and ghee

Take a patila. Add 10-12 cups of water to it.cover it with a lid. I normally keep the ratio 1:5:: rice dal: water. Wash dal once with water. Wash rice as well; separately. Strain the water  and keep them aside. By now, the water is just about to boil. Add moong dal to it. Add turmeric powder and salt. After this, do not cover it. After 7-8 minutes, add rice to it. Keep stirring now and then. cook it till rice and lentils are both properly cooked. cook some more to get the consistency of khichdi(rice and dal should not be going their separate ways). Once you get that, add ghee to it and serve hot with chips or papad.Khichdi

Tip of the Day: you can replace the rice but you should follow the procedure for green lentils- moong dal for this kinda of khichdi. My friends have made this way after I gave them the moong dal and loved it. Try to use small grain rice rather than long grain ones. This khichdi is often accompanied by aloo-chokha. I will soon  write a post about it. Also keep it simple;do not add any other masala/spices.


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