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21 July, 2016

Aloo ka paratha

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This was the most cherished Paratha while growing up..  Everytime we come home from hostel, mummy used to prepare this along with other stuff. Once I started cooking, I developed various version of these parathas, depending upon ingredients available and time on hand. One such day was this Saturday. I made the quickest and one of the yummiest  version of parathas for Breakfast. Here is how you can make them.


You will need: Two medium sized boiled potatoes,  wheat flour dough for 4 parathas, 2tspn ajwain(carrot seeds), 2 tbspn chopped green coriander leaves,  salt  and butter /Ghee 

Peel and mash potatoes.  Add coriander leaves and salt to it. Mix it properly. Keep aside. Add ajwain to the flour while kneading. If you have leftover dough, just add ajwain and knead for fee minutes. Now make 4balls from the dough. Flatten in with help of your hands. Take the ball in one hand. Hold the ball with another hand such as your thumb in middle of the ball and four fingers are supporting it from outside. Keep rolling it, holding it in the same way. You will have almost a half circle or circular basket like structure. Add the potato mix in it and close it, holding all the sides with help of your thumb and forefinger. Now Flatten  it with help of a rolling pin. Heat tawa. Keep the rolled Paratha on it. After a minute change the side. Spread ghee/butter on the Paratha evenly with a spoon or brush. Keep pressing lightly the Paratha with the help of a spoon. Again change the side. Repeat. You will see the brown spots all over the Paratha. Serve it with  curd. 

Tip of the Day: The dough should not be hard. It should be soft. Do not overboiled the potatoes. It will retain more moisture,which ruin the taste. Also chop coriander leaves finely. Mash the potatoes  properly without any lump in it. Also, the easy way to make the basket for filling the mixture is; Flatten the ball with a rolling pin in a small circle, the size of your palm. Add the mix to it and close the circle holding the corners. 

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