19 June, 2016


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Khajuri and nimki are the bihari snacks;mostly taken on trips to be eaten on long train jouneys,send over to kids staying away from home. You know they show in movies,mum send ladoos well bihari mummys send you khajuri,nimkis and pirukiya(about that later..:) )
I love nimki so  much that everytime I have to share these, I crib. It goes excellently with tea/coffee. A great evening snack. There are lots of version to this but today I am sharing you the way we Biharis make it.You will need: 500 gm all purpose flour, 3 tbspoon of ghee, 1 tbspoon of caraway (ajwain) and 1-2 tspn of nigella seeds (mangraila) Salt and oil for deep frying.




Add ajwain, mangraila and salt to the flour. Mix it with both the hands. Add warm ghee to it. Now keep rubbing the flour mixture with both the hands for 20-25 minutes. Now make a dough using water.The dough should be tight,the kind you make for pooris. Cover it with a wet muslin cloth. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. knead it again without adding any water for few minutes. Make big round balls. Spread it with the help of  a rolling pin (Belan). the round apread of the  dough should be thin, not thick. Cut it the way it is shown in the pic.
Heat oil in a Kadai/Pan. check by frying one nimki first whethe rthe oil is adequately heated. Deep fry the nimkis. Spread it on a kitchen paper towel. Let it cool properly.
Move them to an air-tight jar. Start eating whenever you want to. 
This can be easily stored and eaten for 7-8 days.

Tip of the Day: Make sure the dough is nt loose. I prefer to replace all pupose flour by wheat flour. but using all purpose flour will give you more crispier . Take your pick . you can also use a bottle tin cork to give shapes to Nimki rather than cutting it with knives. My mummy used to fool us when we were kids by serving them as fried cashews.. 

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