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24 May, 2016

Chura-Aam : Bihari Breakfast

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One of the reason I love these two three months of the year because it’s the season of mangoes. So many memories associated with the yellow ripe mangoes. We used to spend our summer vacation at Nancy’s place. My mother’s family stays on a farm so we had mango tress all around us. In lazy long summer afternoons, every time we hear a “dham”  sound, we used to run towards the tree to collect our delicious prize. This is the sound you hear when a ripe fruit /mango in this case;falls of the tree. We used to compete who will have the bigger collection  by end of the day.

Then there were times when we kid were given bigger responsibility of guarding the mango laden trees from birds or other people.  Enough of the stories.  Let’s go back to the breakfast thing.
Aam-chura or Chura-Aam is the breakfast you will find in every bihari home; nine out of ten times during mango season. This is a fuss free with no cooking involved recipe. Well and it scores high on health grounds too.  Normally three different types of mangoes are used for this:1. very ripe ones,  2. Juicy ones which you can’t cut and eat,  and 3. Ripe mangoes whose some part have turned bad.  But I don’t like either of the above, So I take best of the mangoes, use the above written procedure and pack my breakfast dabba.
You will Need: one large Mango if your choice, a small bowl of chura (rice flakes/dry poha) and some sugar (optional). 
Wash and peel of the mango. Cut small chunks of the mangoes with the help of  a knife. See the pic, you will get an idea. The other option is to peel it with bare hands and squeeze the mango using your hands. 
Now add rice flakes (chura)  to the mango pulp. Sprinkle sugar if you like. Mix it and your breakfast is ready to be served /eaten. 
Believe it or not. It’s that easy.. 🙂 
Tip of the Day: Don’t mix it and leave; to eat later. The rice flakes(avalakki in kannada)  will become gooey and won’t taste great. 
Pick a little thicker version of rice flakes.

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