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18 March, 2016

Beetroot Sandwich

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Beetroots are something, I get to know on a personal level when I landed in Karnataka. A running friend of mine used to include beetroot almost every other day. I tried beetroot palya( sabji in kannada); sometimes last year. It was kind of okay.Last week I bought beetroot again and decided to cook it my way without following any particular recipe. So I made beetroot sandwich for breakfast and stir fry beetroot as side dish for lunch. This post is about Sandwich.

You will Need: 6 Bread Slices, a small beetroot, 2 tbspoon of mashed paneer, green chillies, coriander leaves, black peepper powder, salt and a sandwich maker

Wash and peel the beetroot. Pressure cook it. One whistle is enough for a small beetroot. Now cut green chillies. Wash and s chop coriander leaves. Cut beetroot into small square pieces. Now add everything together and mix it properly. 

Spread the mixture on a slice of bread. Cover it with another slice.  Place it in a sandwich maker and you are done. 

Tip of the Day: semi boiling of beetroot is optional; but it helps you while cutting it. Also boil it in very less water. Also hung curd goes well in case you dont like paneer or doesnt have it at home.Adding butter while making sandwich depends on your taste buds. 

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