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2 June, 2015

Parwal Ki Chutney

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Six months in the year..and I have been stocking food items in my phone but did nt get around to actually post them. But Yesterday, I came up with the idea to write my posts whenever I have little time and then one fine day to upload them..   I hope this will work for me.
Today’s post is  about my khandani sabji; Parwal (we have talked about this earlier.. ) Very few people might have tasted it but this is one of the best way to include parwal in your plate, especially when you are not so keen to eat this food item. I am one of them. I made this for the first time; few years back. Since then, this is the first thing that spring up in my mind whenever I see parwal in Bengaluru. You can call it Parwal ki chutney/chokha/bharta whatever you like. I prefer saying it chutney.U will Need: 2-3 parwal, a small onion, salt, mustard oil, coriander leaves (optional), green chillies (optional), and fire.. 😉



Wash Parwal . Keep aside to dry or wipe with a clean dry  cloth. Once dry, keep them on burning stove/fire; as shown in pic. You may also use a sieve to roast it. Keep it turning till the skin becomes black. Keep the flame medium; so that the parwals are roasted properly. Switch off the flames. Keep the parwals under running water for few seconds. Now peel the outer layer and remove stems from both ends. Peeling their skin is the tricky  part It’s perfectly okay if you r not able to remove the skin completely. The roasted skin will actually add the flavor. Mash them.
While the parwals are being roasted on fire, peel and chop the onions into really fine pieces. Do the same for green chillies and coriander leaves as well;if you are adding them. While serving add everything to the parwal mash. Add salt. Add a tspn of mustard oil. And parwal ki chutney/Chokha/Bharta (you may call it whatever u want) is ready to be served.
Best served with Daal-Chawal.

Tip of the Day: Always Use fresh parwal. Try to get the ones with less seeds or tender seeds. After Roasting it’s best to mash it up in the stone or steel grinder we have in our Kithen. This helps with the seeds. Always add chopped onions and oil,just before serving. 

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