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3 January, 2014

Tamatar ki khatti-Meethi Chutney

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Same old days…but with the Morning rays of New Year…We all are filled with New hopes..New dreams…New Resolutions…

I wish all of you out there..My  Blog Readers…Blog followers… A Very Happy New Year..
This Chutney is another Special from my mother’s Kitchen. Now-a-Days She is here and I get to cook under her supervision… learning little tricks which adds amazing tastes.
U will Need: 6-7 Large Red Tomatoes, 2 medium Onions, 1 tspn jeera, 2 bay leaves, 2 dry red chilli, 2-3 tspn Salt , 3-4 tbspn Sugar and 1-2 tbspn Cooking oil. 



Peel off the Onions. Wash Tomatoes & Onoins. Chop them lenghwise.

Heat a Pan. Add oil. Once heated, Add jeera, bay leaves(break each into two pieces) and chilli (broken into 2-3 pieces depending upon its length).
Add  Chopped onions. Saute on medium flame till it becomes softer & turns color. 
Add chopped tomatoes. Saute for 2-3 minutes. Add Salt. Cook with lid on it till tomatoes becomes soft and are cooked. It will take around 8-10 minutes. Add Sugar. Now Cook for another 4-5 minutes without covering it. 
By Now you will have ur chutney ready.
Best taste with all kind of parathas. It can also be served with lunch or dinner.
Tip of the Day:  Use fresh n desi tomatoes. By desi, I mean not the salad ones. Also when u will add sugar, the mixture will release a lot of watery syrup. Cook till water is dried n the chutney mixture turns into a thick syrup kind.
To check whether oil is heated, add a single piece of jeera.It will crackle n you will smell its aroma, that how you get to kno that oil is properly heated. You may check by adding a single piece of jeera to oil. jeera will change color immediately n also become a little fluffy.

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