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1 August, 2013

Something Different; Hudson Canola Oil

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Hello there everyone.. You might be surprised a little with this post. Even I was surprised when I got a pack of Canola oil from Dalmia Continental.
Over the time, I have read…heard over and over about using different cooking oil in your kitchen. A friend of mine told me they have been using refined cooking oil forever and when her mother had some health issues, the one thing among others the dr said was to change the cooking oil to Mustard oil.
Also over the years, I have read about the different nutritional facts different cooking oil have.
So, I usually keep 2-3 kinds in my kitchen such as cooking olive oil, mustard oil, refined oil…
So, when I got a pack of canola oil, I was excited to try this out.

Nutritional Facts: Trans-fat Free, No cholestrol, No sodium, very High MUFA,Very high omega-3 & vitamin E. The good thing is it has a very high smoking point. Hence people who dont prefer deep fry in mustard oil, they may use it for their frying purposes.

Usually we have to throw remaining oil after deep frying, but Canola oil  can be used after sieving it through a muslin cloth.
I have been cooking with it for a week now. The last post “capsicum soya chunks with paneeri phulke”, I cooked with it. I found it a good alternative, if you are a health conscious person.
I loved the packaging. I also found out the taste does nt changes a bit. if you dont tell people eating, they would never guess.
Thank you Dalmia Continental for this one..!!


One thought on : Something Different; Hudson Canola Oil

  • October 29, 2013 at 11:13 am

    Hii Shweta!

    Thank you for your product review! Your capsicum soya chunks with paneeri phulke looks great! We're happy to know that you're health conscious and keep an array of different oils in your kitchen with Hudson's Canola oil being one of them! Hudson has just launched a food blog: http://www.hudsoncanola.com/blog. Do visit to find many more delicious and healthy recipes you can try! In fact, we would like to feature your soya and paneeri phulke recipe on our site! If you find that Hudson's blog is something you like, then do post a link to it on your own blog as well!
    Happy cooking! (:

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