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8 July, 2013

Paneer Bhurji

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The first time I had a taste of Paneer bhurji, when I was staying overnight at a friend’s friend’s home for some Interview. His wife has prepared the bhurji & I had an instant liking to it,the moment I tasted.
After few years, during my banking days, my mostly female colleagues were Punjabi. Paneer was like potatoes for them. Being a Bihari, I cant resist to add potatoes in every vegetables possible..
Then I prepared Paneer Bhurji for the first time. They approved and so did everyone else since then…
Today, I prepared for myself and thought its time to share with all of u…

U will Need: 200gm Paneer,2 green chillies, 1 small onion, 1 large tomato, 1 medium sized capsicum, a tspn of coriander powder, a tspn red chilli powder, a tspn black pepper powder,1 tspn garam-masala powder, salt, Green fresh coriander leaves & 1 tbspn Cooking oil.

Wash & chop onion, chillies, tomato & capsicum separately.
Heat a pan. Add oil. Once heated, add green chiliies & onion. Saute it for 2 minutes. Add capsicum. Saute for another 2-3 minutes. Add all the spices. Saute for a minute. Add tomatoes. Cook while u mash the paneer. Add the paneer. Mix it well. Cook for another 4-5 minutes on low flame. Add chopped Coriander leaves. Saute for a minute & u r ready with ur paneer bhurji. Best served with Chapatis or plain Parathas.

Tip of the Day:  Don’t cover the pan while cooking. Don’t use mustard oil. Sometimes u may try cooking it in butter for that special extra effects..In the pic, tomatoes r nt chopped.Well..I chopped them before throwing them in pan.

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