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6 July, 2013

Healthy light stuffed Paratha

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It always happens with me. The whole week I would plan to do a hell lot of work on weekends. But when actually the weekend arrives, All those plannings takes a backseat.
Mostly late at night on weekends,when I am all alone catching up on a tv serial or a movie….I want to eat something good….but dont really want to spend a lot of time away from my laptop..
Today was one of those days…and in the process I stumbled upon really yummy parathas.
Its an electric mix of a north indian paratha and chutney-puri from south.
A friend of mine has brought some chutney-puri. I have tried and tasted in various way…but today I prepared parathas with them. It was not only healthy but also yummy.. You have to try it to believe me.

U will need : Wheat flour, Chutney-puri & Ghee.

Knead the wheat flour with water to make the dough. Take a small portion and make a ball. Spread the ball with belan into a small chapati. Spread a little ghee all over it. Take chutney-puri & spread it all over. Take one side of chapati & fold it as we do for paratha. Again repeat the process with ghee n chutney-puri.
Take a corner and meet it with other corner. This will give u a triangular shape. Now spread it with the belan.
Heat a tawa. Put paratha on tawa. Cook it both sides by smearing ghee all over it on medium flame.
Its ready to serve. You can enjoy it with curd, achaar, vegetables. Take ur pick.

Tip of the Day: You may try it with different versions of chutney -puri, depending upon ur taste-buds. Mine had ground-nuts in them. You may also add extra salt n chilli  as per ur taste buds.

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