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19 May, 2013

Lauki ki Kheer

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This comes as easy and simple it could be..I first had a taste of it..last year while sharing a room in PG in Delhi. Last week, I thought of giving it a try.
My friends at work loved it. So, thought of sharing here with all of you.

U will Need : 1 small bottle-gourd/Lauki, half litre of milk, 5 tbspn sugar or more if u like,
                       freshly crushed/powdered cardamom

Peel the bottle-gourd. wash it off properly. Grate it very finely. Boil half-a-litre of water. Add grated lauki to it. Boil for next 10-15 minutes on medium flame. Separate water from it. Wash once atleast with fresh water.
Boil Milk in a thick bottomed vessel. Add boiled-grated lauki to it. Cook for next 15 minutes on sim. Keep stirring now n then. Add sugar followed by cardamom. put the flame off. Stir within an interval of 2-3 minutes for a while.
After cooling it off;keep it in refrigerator. Serve ice-cold..n enjoy the delicious taste along with compliments.

A word of caution : Do not forget to tell me about it…

Tip of The Day : Pick a lauki with minimum or no seeds.

P.S. :  I was nt planning to post..so dd nt get a more better pic.

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