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8 March, 2013

Aloo – Shimla Mirch

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Sometimes when you sit back and give it a thought, U realize how quickly time passes.
It seems the year has just started  but we are already walking through March..
N Looks Like.. I am finally close to keeping my promise of  blogging now and then…
So, Yesterday I cooked Capsicum with Aloo… N today thought to share it with you.
Hardly two years ago, I did nt liked capsicum at all. Then I started using it and now its an essential part of my veggie-shopping.

U will Need: 3 medium sized potato, 2 medium sized capsicum, 2 medium sized onion,2 tspn jeera,
                   1 tbspn ginger-garlic paste, 2 tspn coriander powder, 1 tspn turmeric powder,
                   1 tbspn red chilli powder,1 tspn garam-masala powder, 1 tbspn mustard oil,Salt to taste.

Peel potatoes and cut it in long pieces as shown. Wash them and keep aside. Peel and wash onion.
Cut them lengthwise. Wash the capsicum. Cut it into two pieces. Remove the seeds. 
Cut it as shown.
Heat a pan. Add oil. Add jeera. When jeera crackles, leaves you with an amazing aroma. Add onion.Once onion turns light brown add potatoes. Fry them till they change their color. Add ginger-garlic paste. Add capsicum. Saute for a minute. Add all the other spices. Cover it and cook for 2 minutes. Add Salt. Put 1-2 cup warm water. Once starts boiling. Reduce the flame. Cover and cook it for next 8-10 minutes.Serve it with chapati.

Tip of the Day:  Try to cut onion, potatoes and capsicum in almost same length. 
                            It would look good.
                          A more red chilli powder brings the best flavour of this sabji.


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