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14 July, 2012

Aam Ki Chatpati Chutney

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It always Feel good to be Here. Still  Could nt make it in what seems a very very long time…
The season is of Mangoes. So what are You A mango people Or A non – mango people.
I am sure even if you are not in Mango -eating, you must have tried mango-chutney.
here I am gonna show you a new version-perfectly bihari ishtyle.
n the story behind me making it… Its interesting..
So, Last month I visited my mummy and she cooked her speciality of this season: Kachche AAm ki Sabji.
When I returned back to my daily life wrestling between office n personal life, I decided to give it a try.
Bought Raw Mangoes… Forget them in Office n remembered to bring back next day..
So, called mom to ask what to do with those half-ripe mangoes..
So, here goes what she told me and what i obliged completely.

U will need: Semi- ripe 2 medium sized mangoes, Half tbspn salt, half tbspn mustard oil,
                    2 tspn sugar, 1 medium- finely chopped onion.

Boil the mangoes untill it goes soft.  Better to pressure cook it. Let it cool.
Peel off and then mash them in a bowl. Add Salt. Add oil. Add Sugar. Add chopped onion. Mix it and serve. Its a perfect combination of sweet salty tangy….Decide yourself and Do tell me…

Tip Of the Day: Try adding Oil and Onion just before you serve. Salt and sugar can be in other measurement depending on your taste buds..

P. S:  Since I had stopped blogging, I tend to forget taking pic. Next time i will post for sure..

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