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6 December, 2010

Palak ke pakode

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Last one week has passed by & I have not written a single post,though I try to. Everytime I log on to write, something came up. Anyways, last week I had all kind of experiences in my kitchen. I tried making moong ka halwa N messed it up completely. For the next two days, I was grieving for that. But then next day, I came home earlier than usual day. I tried doing something with tea snacks & the result is this. I had few palak leaves left in refrigerator & also a paste of onion-garlic. Easy to make,its a delicious as well as special tea-time snack.

U will need: 2 cups finely chopped palak leaves (Soft & fresh), 4 tbspn (or more) besan, 2tspn onion-garlic paste*, 2 tspn red chilli powder, 3-4 tbspn mustard oil, salt

Make a thick batter of besan, onion-garlic paste,chilli powder & salt. Add palak leaves to it. Mix well. Heat oil in a kadai or pan. With your hands take a small mixture (u can also do this with a spoon but your hand will give it a better shape)& Slowly add to oil. After 1 minute or so,turn it. when color changes,remove it from the oil. Deep fry the pakodas in similar fashion. You can fry more than one at a time.

Serve it with Masala chai during winters & you r sure to win hearts.

Tip of the Day: *-For onion-garlic paste, chop 1 small onion in four quarters. Peel off 7-8 garlic cloves. Make a paste of these. Use as required.

Palak-Besan mixture should not be watery. If so happens,add some besan to it.Mix palak leaves only when u have to make pakodas. Dont Mix it & leave for some other time.

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