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6 December, 2010

Chana Mazedar

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With winters, we get a lot of leafy vegetables. With availability of such a wide range of green vegetables, one need not look for any substitute for vegetables. Same happened with me. i completely forget about chana( black sabut chana) I had asked my hubby to bring along. While I was checking all containers, I happened to see that 2 handful of chana is still left. I soaked them, confused what to make out of them. Then I remembered sometimes my mom used to prepare chana & I just followed her way.

U will need: 2 handful of sabut chana, 1 onion, 1 1/2 tbspn oil, 1 green chilli, salt, 1tspn jeera.

Soak chana for 5-6 hours. Pressure cook chana with a pinch of salt & 3-4 tbspn water(in a pressure cooker).Drain water & keep chana aside. Peel & chopp the onion. Cut chilli lengthwise.
Heat oil in a kadai. Add jeera. Add onion & chilli. When onion turns reddish brown, add chana. Add salt N keep the flame to sim. cook for next 2-3 minutes with covering the kadai. Serve it Hot.

Tip of the Day: In winters soak chana in warm waters(since in winters, normal tap water becomes cold water). You can add chopped coriander leaves to chana after it is cooked. Let it covered for few more minutes & then serve.

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