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8 November, 2010

Palak Paneer

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If you are preparing a vegetarian menu,paneer is one item that can never be left behind.Come Festivals & you look forward to a complete vegetarian menu.
This was my first Deepawali with my “half life”. He rarely says what he likes? But after spending almost an year with him,I have managed to catch a few of his favourites. So, I decided to make palak paneer on deepawali. After having a byte with matar-pulao,he promised me a mixer-grinder.(yeah, I made this without this handy appliance.)So,here it goes.

U will need: Paneer-200gm, 500gm fresh palak(spinach)leaves,1 tomato, 2 onions,1 tbspn coriander powder,2 tspn ginger-garlic paste, 1 tspn jeera,1tspn turmeric powder, 2tspn red chilli powder,1 tspn garam-masala powder,2-1/2 tbspn oil,2-3tbspn milk, Salt.

Remove palak leaves from its stem.Wash twice to make sure there is no soil in it.Peel an onion & cut it in four pieces.Cut tomato in four pieces.Add these three to a pressure cooker.Add 1tspn salt & half a cup water.Let the cooker whistle for 3 times.
During that cut paneer into rectangular pieces.Add turmeric powder, 1tspn chilli powder & a pinch of salt.Let it marinate for 10 minutes.Peel another onion & chop it finely.
By now, We are ready with boiled palak mix.Remove water & keep aside.Remove tomato skin from the mix(can be easily seen after boiling).Now mash the boiled palak,tomato & onion with the help of a mortar or it can be done with hand also.& yes you can always make a paste of it in a mixer.(oops, i forgot that there might be a mixer in your kitchen).Add the paste to the drained palak water.
Now heat a kadai well. keep the flame maximum.Deep fry paneer pieces.remove & keep them aside.Add jeera to the same oil.Let the flame be medium.When splutter,add chopped onions.Saute it for a while.Add a pinch of salt.when onion turns brown,add ginger-garlic paste.Saute for 1 minute.Add coriander powder,remaining chilli powder.Saute for next five minutes.Add palak mix to it.When it starts boiling,add garam-masala powder.Cook for next 10 minutes.
Now,keep the flame low.Add Paneer pieces.Add milk.Add 1 or half cup extra water as required.Add salt.switch off the stove after 5 minutes.
You are ready with your palak paneer.

Tip of The Day: Try buying fresh paneer.If not,keep paneer(packed paneer)in boiling water for 5 minutes before making their slices.

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