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11 November, 2010

Everyday Daal

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Daal is one dish which we prepare most frequently almost everyday be it lunch or dinner. In Bihar, it is prepared for lunch. Many biharis cant have their food without daal. I prefer a mixture of four daal for my daily cooking. I have always seen my mummy making mix daal. Now after a habit of such a long years,eating mix daal makes me still feel at home(with my mom).

U will need: A mixture of arhar daal,chana daal,moong daal & masoor daal-1 katori, 1tspn turmeric powder, 1 tspn jeera, 1 tomato-washed & finely chopped, 1/2 cup coriander leaves,2tspn Desi ghee, Salt.

Soak Daal for 15 minutes.In a pressure cooker, add daal,tomato,turmeric powder, salt & 3 katori water. Cook on high flames for first 5 minutes. For next 10-15 minutes,cook on low flames. Add coriander leaves in a serving bowl. Mash cooked daal a little. Pour it in the bowl. Now heat ghee in a kalchhul (ladle). when heated add jeera. Keep kalchhul a liitle above the flame,else it will catch fire. when jeera spluttes, add this to the bowl & Cover the bowl. These last 2 steps should be done almost the same time to preserve the smell of ghee.

Tip of the Day: If u like garlic, u can add 2-3 cloves(chopped) in ghee with jeera.It is good for health, especially in winters.

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