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29 October, 2010

Sabudane ki kheer

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So, here is bihari ishtyle of preparing sabudana. It will add to your fasting days’ recipes. This is best prepared with small sized sabudana(size of a sabut moong-daal).

U will need: 1 cup sabudana, 3 cup milk, 2-3 tbspn sugar, 8-10 kishmish

Wash sabudana.Boil milk, after a boil, keep stirring the milk.cook on medium flam.after 2-3 minutes, add sabudana. keep the flame low. Cook for next 10 minutes.dnt left it unattended,keep stirring. Take sabudana in a spoon. probably, it is cooked by now. switch off the flame. Add sugar.Add kishmish. Stirr once in a while during next 10 minutes. You are ready to serve after half an hour.

Tip of the Day: Remember, if you are using large-sized sabudana, better soak it. But my advice, use the small ones for kheer.

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