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30 October, 2010

Ready to Serve (Bihari Snack)

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Bihari Snack, the word sound weird to me but I could not get any other word for this.
I have mentioned this recipe in one of my previous post.
This is fondly called bhuja in bihar. You can serve this with evening tea.
After a long day, we dont look forward for making snacks with tea. This will save you from that.

U will need: 2 cups of chidwa (chura),1tbspn ghee,1 small onion, 2 tspn black pepper powder,salt.

Heat ghee in an Thick bottomed aluminium kadai.Add chura.Keep stirring. Dont leave it unattended even for a second. Keep the flame medium. Stir for next 10 minutes.Remove it from stove.Add salt. Mix well. After 15-20 minutes,transfer it to an air-tight container.You can store it for a week.
Now whenever u wanna use it, take it in a bowl.
Peel & chopp off the onion in small pieces. mix it with bhuja. Add black pepper powder.Mix it well N serve it.

Tip of the Day: Thick chidwa is used for bhuja. Dont use the sada poha which is used to prepare poha or readily available in market. Ask for thick chidwa.

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