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5 October, 2010

Gatte ki sabji

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First of all,I would like to thank the anonymous person, who wrote first comment of this blog. Though, it would have been nice to know name.
gatte ki sabji is a household name in bihar, usually prepared when housewives ran out of vegetable stocks. It is a delicacy made pure out of besan. My father says no body can make it like my grandmum used to make. I am looking forward for his comment when I serve him my gatte ki sabji. It is best served with rice. But it also goes well with sada parantha/roti/puri.

U will need:
For gatte- 2 cups of besan, 1tspn ajwain, 1 tspn refined oil, 1 tspn turmeric powder, 1 tspn chilli powder,1 tspn salt.

For Gravy- 2 medium size onion, 1 small/medium tomato,7-8 cloves of garlic, 1tbspn coriander powder, 1tspn turmeric powder, 2 tspn chilli powder,2 tspn jeera, 1 tspn garam-masala,1 red chilli,1 tejpatta, 2tbspn mustard oil, salt

Mix all the ingredients used for gatte.with 3-4 tbspn of water, make a hard dough of it.Now make 4-5 ladoos out of it.With help of both of your palms, make long pipes like structure out of it. Now heat water in a kadai & add these besan pipes to water. let it boil for 5-8 minutes. then remove besan pipe from water. lei it cool. Cut each of them with thickness of 1/4 inches. These are called gatte.
Peel of the onions & chop them finely. Make a paste of 1 onion,garlic& 1 tspn of jeera.Add all the powdered form of masala to this along with 2 tbspn of water.Cut the tomatoes too. Now heat kadai,add 1tbspn of oil & fry gatta till it changes a bit of color to brown.remove gatta from kadai & keep aside.
Heat oil in kadai.Add jeera,chilli & tejpatta.Add chopped onion.Saute(bhunana) for 2-3 minutes.Add masala mixture to it. saute for 10 minutes. Add tomatoes.Cook for next 5 minutes.If needed,add 2-3 tbspn of water.Saute for next 5 minutes.Add salt.Add 2 cup of water. let it simmer for next 10 minutes. keep the flame low. Add gatta. let it simmer for next five minutes. gatte ki sabji is ready.

Tip of the Day: you can add few chopped coriander leaves when it is ready.
Also add a tspn of meat masala powder(readily available in market. it is a blend of few spices.)It will do wonders for the taste of gatte ki sabji.

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