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26 April, 2010

Suji (rawa) ka Ladoo

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When I was a child,ladoo means boondi ka ladoo.Ofcourse my knowledge about ladoos expanded with my age.Later,for higher studies,I used to live in hostel.While my mom used to give khajui, nimki, pirukiya(i will discuss about them later) to me, my friends from other places used to bring these delicious home-made ladoos.So,along with my studies,I got a chance to eat different types of ladoos,such as suji ka ladoo, besan ka ladoo, daal k ladoo & so on.I even tried once to prepare it during my summer vacation, but result was not good.
And as some of u might with me that we get something good when we least expect it. it happens exactly with me.on friday, there was no electricity & I was looking for something to kill time.& then I got the idea to try my hand on ladoos.So,I checked my kitchen & there was everything to prepare suji ka ladoo. here is how I made it.

U will need: 1 cup suji(almost 100 gm), 3/4 cup sugar in powdered form,1/4 cup ghee,2 tbspn boiled milk,1 tspn cardamom(ilaichi dana) crushed.

heat kadai properly.Add ghee.Add suji. keep the flame medium. stirr continuously.when suji starts changing colour, add sugar. after two minutes, switch off the flame.Add cardamom.mix well. sprinkle half milk & mix well.Now, wet ur palm with rest of the milk & make ladoos with these mixture. when u r done , keep aside the ladoos for 15 minutes. U r ready to serve.

P.S. These easy to made quick recipe turned out so well that my hubby complimented me. & this was special as he is not so fond of sweets. So,R u ready to try these & recieve compliments…

Tip of the day: u can also add kaju, kishmish etc. but be sure that they should be finely chopped in small pieces.

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