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19 March, 2010

Gajar Ka Halwa

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This is one of my favourite dish. This is one of those dishes which I love to eat only when my mummy prepares it. Though she only prepares dishes which are served in bihari houses on a regular basis,I love whatever she cooks. I have’nt met anyone who is better, yet..
I tried preparing gajar ka halwa when I was just 10 years old. My nana & nani was very fond of me. As A result,I used to spend all my holidays with them. One evening I convinced nani& told her lets prepare gajar ka halwa. She agreed But we could nt find red carrots in entire neighourhood(of our small village). But there were black carrots. So, we used them. Thus as far as I can remember that was my first sweet dish. But forget black carrots & my childhood.
I have just finished cooking gajar ka halwa. & now I will tell u how u too can prepare this sweet mouth-watering delicious halwa.

U will need: 250 gm carrots, 150 gm sugar, 1/2 litre full cream milk, dry fruits & 4 tbspn ghee.

Wash & peel off the carrots. grate them. Now boil milk & then let it be on low flame. keep stirring after few minutes. On the other side of cooking stove heat kadai. Add 2 tbspn of ghee. heat it. add carrot & keep stirring for next 10 minutes. Add the rest ghee. fry for 10 more minutes. Now, add milk (which u have been heating)to it.keep stirring once in a while. almost after 15-20 minutes u will see carrots have absorbed all the milk. Add sugar to it. color will start changing. keep stirring & after 5-10 minutes add dry fruits & switch off the stove.
U are ready to eat or serve..

Tip of the day: before serving add few grated almonds over halwa.

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